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TCS Handles Up to 32 Measurements...And More

TCS Handles Up to 32 Measurements...And More

Moore Industries’ TCS Temperature Concentrator System is an ideal solution for low-cost temperature measurements. At its heart is the 16-channel, loop-powered (2-wire) TCM Temperature Concentrator Module. When two TCM modules are used in a TCS, up to 32 signals can be monitored over one twisted wire pair. The TCM is approved for use in hazardous areas (Div 2/Zone 2 and Div 1/Zone 0/1) and can be used with an HMC (HART to MODBUS RTU Converter) when communication with a MODBUS RTU master is required.

Using the TCS provides a precision measurement at less than 25 percent of the cost of a comparable standalone smart temperature transmitter. Hardware, wiring and installation costs are reduced because the TCS eliminates the need to install a dedicated transmitter and twisted-wire pair for each measurement. The compact design of the TCS also means a significant savings in real estate needs to measure temperatures.

These cost savings are just a few of the benefits of the TCS solution. Other key features include:

Universal Input Options: The TCM can be set to accept RTD (2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, PT, Cu or Ni), thermocouple (Types J, K, E, T, R, S, N, B or C), resistance/potentiometer (0 to 4000 ohms) and millivolt (-50 to 1,000mV) inputs. Custom input linearization can be defined for any input.

Deployment of HART and MODBUS RTU Communications: The HMC allows for communications with a MODBUS RTU-based host system. The ability to use either the standard HART or MODBUS communications protocols allow easy interface to a wide range of DCS, PLC and computer-based networks.

Generating Alarms: If the HMC is utilized it can be programmed to provide two alarm relay outputs. The relays can send a master alarm when the HMC detects one, any or all of the following fault conditions within the system:

  • No HART signal
  • Broken wire
  • Hardware error
  • Bad configuration
  • Input saturated
  • Input out of table range
Both alarms can be set with a time delay, which specifies how long the alarm condition needs to exist before the alarm trips.

Versatile Programming: The TCM’s operating parameters can be configured from any HART-based system or, using a standard HART handheld, from anywhere along the twisted wire pair. The TCM can also be configured using our Intelligent PC Configuration software.

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Published: September 15, 2015
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