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IPH2 Custom Output Ranges Help Copper Smelter Replace Instrumentation

IPH2 Custom Output Ranges Help Copper Smelter Replace Instrumentation

The IPH2 is an economical choice for converting current signal to a pneumatic signal to provide precise, proportional control of valves, actuators and other pneumatically-controlled devices. One of its key features is the wide range of input and output choices. It is available with 4-20mA or split range inputs and 22 standard direct and reverse output ranges. In addition, custom ranges are also available – a fact that helped the Belgian branch of a global copper group when upgrading their instrumentation.

According to René Michiels of Moore Industries-Belgium, the site was an older copper smelter where the mixture of gas and air is controlled pneumatically. After a device failure, they were contemplating replacing the entire pneumatic control system with a modern electronic control system. This would have been expensive and time-intensive and necessitated the replacement of the air and gas flow measurement instruments.


Replacing the instrument offered challenges as well. Specifically, they needed a device with an output of 0-0.5BAR to control the burners. They struggled to find a Current-to-Pressure (I/P) transmitter that offered such a low output.

This is where the custom ranges of the IPH2 saved the day. We were able to supply them with an I/P transmitter that could handle their low output range. After an initial test was successful, they purchased another 28 units for the rest of their ovens.

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Published: September 8, 2015
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