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E-HELP: Splitter Options Depending on Your Power Source

E-HELP: Splitter Options Depending on Your Power Source

Q: We have been using the ECT-DIN in our applications where we need to split one 4-20mA input to two outputs. The model number for our current units is ECT/4-20MA/2X4-20MA/117AC/DIN. We now need to split a signal to three outputs. Do you have a product that will help us to do this?

A: If you need the splitter to provide the loop voltage for the third 4-20mA output, as you did in the previous installation, you can use two of the ECT/4-20MA/2X4-20MA/117AC/-TX [DIN] models and wire your 4-20mA in series to each of the ECT's inputs. This will provide you with up to four isolated outputs. This ECT model also comes standard with a -TX option which provides loop power, if required, to a power a two-wire transmitter.

An alternative option would be to use our MIX four channel isolator, model number MIX/4X4-20MA/4X4-20MA/12-42DC [DIN]. The input signal needs to be connected in series to at least three of the four inputs to meet your requirements. This option will also provide you with one spare channel. 

It is important to note that your receiving device will need to provide the loop power for each channel since each of the four MIX channels are output loop powered (passive outputs).

Published: August 13, 2015
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