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E-HELP: Single Point or Multidrop Configurations of the HCS

E-HELP: Single Point or Multidrop Configurations of the HCS

Q: We are interested in your HCS HART Concentrator System. What are the options for converting a single HART transmitter or for converting 16 transmitters with one unit?

A: You don’t have to choose between connecting one or multiple transmitters to the HCS. A single HCS unit can be configured by the user to interface with a single drop HART loop (one HART device) or to a multi-drop HART loop (2 to 16 HART devices).

In point-to-point HART mode, the HCS is set to monitor a single instrument. All process and diagnostic data carried on the HART data string is converted to MODBUS RTU.

In a digital multidrop HART network, up to 16 HART instruments digitally communicate on the same wires. The HCS can be set to monitor any or all instruments and/or valves within the network. Only one MODBUS address, and one communication link (such as twisted wire pair), is needed to send the process and diagnostic data from up to 16 HART devices to a MODBUS host.

Published: August 5, 2015
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