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How to Get Solutions to Your Process Control Problems from Moore Industries

How to Get Solutions to Your Process Control Problems from Moore Industries

Moore Industries is in the business of providing solutions to real-world process control problems. We go beyond simply providing instrumentation by giving customers answers to questions about their needs. We can help you find the right product for your situation or determine if there is an issue with your current instrumentation that we can fix.

We give you several different ways to contact us:

E-HELP EXPRESS: Moore Industries’ instrumentation runs the gamut of possible solutions. We help you identify the right choice for their needs with our online E-HELP EXPRESS. By providing us with a brief overview of your needs, we can help you with a variety of issues including:

  • Help specifying a product
  • Questions regarding specific applications
  • Installation assistance
  • Pricing and delivery quotations
  • Agency certification questions
  • Obtaining application notes, data sheets and user’s manuals

SNAP (Special Needs and Products): Not all solutions can be solved with off-the-shelf instrumentation. One of the advantages of choosing Moore Industries is our ability to create and deliver customized products to meet unique applications in a quick and affordable manner. You can make a request through SNAP. Frequently requested modifications include:

  • Instrument Functions including non-standard signal inputs/outputs and power ranges
  • Housings and Enclosures
  • Mounts and Connectors
  • Temperature Sensors and Thermowells

Through SNAP, we can answer your questions within 24 hours or the next business day.

Phone: If you need immediate assistance or would like to speak to someone directly, you can contact us by phone and talk to a knowledgeable Moore Industries representative in your local area.

Published: July 15, 2015
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