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E-HELP: Setting Multiple Trip Setpoints with the ECA

E-HELP: Setting Multiple Trip Setpoints with the ECA

Q: I am interested in an ECA alarm unit, model #: ECA/4-20MA/DH1H1/24DC/DIN. I have three questions:

1. I have a need for three different trip setpoints based on the same transmitter input. How can I accomplish this with the ECAs? Can I use two ECAs using the second ECA with a 1-5VDC input or can the 4-20mA signal be run in series through both ECA inputs?

2. Do I need to specify the -RF option to get the RFI protection? And is the testing for both radiated and conducted susceptibility (RS103, CS114, CS115)? Is it possible to see the test report for the EMI/RFI testing?

3. Is DIN-rail the only mounting option?

A: To answer your three questions:

1. Your 4-20mA signal can be connected in series to the inputs of more than one ECA, each of which with a 50 ohm load on the loop. Alternatively, you can use an SPA2 Limit Alarm Trip (Model #: SPA2/HLPRG/4PRG/U [DIN]) which has four setpoint relay outputs.

2. The ECA-DIN has RFI/EMI Protection to 10V/m, 20-1000MHz for which the trip point would not be affected by more than 0.1% of span. It conforms to the following EMC specifications:

EN50081-2, 1993, Generic Emissions Standard, Industrial Environment.

EN50082-2, 1995, Generic Immunity Standard, Industrial Environment.

EN61010-1, 1995, Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement and control use.

3. Both the ECA-DIN and the SPA2 are designed for DIN rail mounting; however we also offer them with options for flange mounting.

Published: June 9, 2015
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