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NCS Remote I/O and Custody Transfer Metering at Steel Mill

NCS Remote I/O and Custody Transfer Metering at Steel Mill

The Problem

In this application the gas company installed a RTU & Instrumentation for billing purposes to meter the gas sold to a large steel mill. The user installed their own Instrumentation at the same location (gas gate) and needs to compare the readings. 

The Solution

The signals from the user installed instrumentation is collected and sent back to the customer's HMI system using Moore Industries' NCS, NET Concentrator System Process Control and Distributed I/O. This was installed in a local junction box in close proximity to existing field instruments. The NCS is acting as a MODBUS master to the gas company's RTU while simultaneously collecting the signals from the end-users instrumentation (Pressure, DP, Temperature Tx’s).

The data arrives at the end-user's DCS and HMI over MODBUS TCP. The OPC* Server was able to utilize the MODBUS/TCP link to the NCS in order to efficiently share the metering signals with the HMI.

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*OPC stands for OLE for Process Control.  It is a platform independent open standard that supports the exchange of data between industrial hardware and host systems (OPC Foundation, 2018).


OPC Foundation, (2018). Retrieved from https://opcfoundation.org/about/what-is-opc/

Find out more about the NCS in the Interface solution download center.


Published: February 12, 2018
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