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EHELP: Need a Signal Isolator with Input of 0-5VDC

EHELP: Need a Signal Isolator with Input of 0-5VDC
Q. We are looking for a signal isolator. We need an input of 0-5VDC, output 4-20mA and the unit needs to be output loop powered.  What do you recommend?

A. The ECT is available with an input 0-5VDC, you’ll need to specify when ordering. The ECT DIN-style signal isolator, converter, repeater, booster and splitter feature solid metal housings that stand up to continuous, daily rigors of process control and factory automation applications. The 2-wire, output-loop powered ECT operates on 12-42DC. A 4-wire, line powered model is also available if voltage outputs or large output drive capabilities are required.

SIY DIN-style signal isolators can also perform the same function and they are PC configurable. The highly versatile SIY programs to accept a wide range of current or voltage inputs. It outputs an isolated, proportional, 4-20mA signal. This 2-wire (loop-powered) transmitter programs in seconds to handle a wide range of important signal interface applications. If field installation is required for your signal converter, the SIY is also available in a weatherproof or hazardous area enclosure. A configuration cable is required to utilize the PC programming capability of the SIY. Use either a Serial RS232 cable with 9 pin connector or USB cable made by Moore Industries.

Another DIN-style mount option is the MIX. The model MIX is also a 2-wire (loop powered) 2-channel or 4-channel isolator/converter. The 2-channel MIX provides conveniently-located DIP switches for selecting input types of 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V or 0-10V for each channel.

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Published: September 27, 2017
Categories: E-Help
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