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EHELP: Can you help specify a splitter that can send the signal to both control systems?

EHELP: Can you help specify a splitter that can send the signal to both control systems?

Q. I have two different control systems and I need some splitters to split a 4-20 mA signal. I may need to have the loop isolated. Can you help specify a splitter that can send the signal to both control systems where I can use the splitter connected in a series on the original loop? My company has used the SIX in the past, would this work?

A. The SIX can be used in a “splitter” application when its input is connected in series on the original loop. The output of the SIX 2-Wire Signal Isolator/Converter gives you the isolated loop. The versatile SIX can be used as a signal isolator, converter, and repeater. It is an excellent choice for installation in the plant or control room. The 2-wire (loop-powered) SIX derives its power from the output loop, eliminating the need to install an additional power supply.

If you decide you need to have the two control systems isolated from the original signal, then you can use the ECT-DIN model ECT/4-20MA/2X4-20MA/117AC* [DIN] Signal Isolator, Converter, Repeater, Booster and Splitter for more versatility. The ECT-DIN features a solid metal housing that stands up to the continuous, daily rigors of process control and factory automation applications.

Like the SIX, the ECT's input is wired in series with your original loop. The ECT then gives two separate and isolated outputs for your two control systems.  Each output is capable of driving 600 ohms of output load.  This version of the ECT also offers a TX option that powers a two-wire transmitter connected to its input.

If you have functional safety in mind, the SSX/SST Model number SST/4-20MA/2X4-20MA/117AC* [DIN] works like the ECT but is part of Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series. The SSX/SST Safety Series Isolator and Splitters are exida® approved, SIL 3 capable. The SSX is 2-wire (loop powered), and the SST is 4-wire (line/mains powered). The SSX/SST provides isolation and signal conversion for your SIS (Safety Instrumented System) needs. These units protect and enhance loops and also pass valuable HART® data from the field transmitter to host systems and vice-versa.

The ECT and SST are line powered and supply the voltage to their outputs, so the control systems receiving their outputs must have passive inputs. If your control system inputs are active (providing power), contact us and we can modify the ECT or SST for those loops too.

Other things to consider:

Do you need to pass digital HART signals between the input and outputs?

  • The ECT filters the HART component
  • The SST passes HART on the outputs (both or neither) 
  • The SST is from our line of Functional Safety products

Need to know more about a product, price or availability?

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*Models with 24VDC power are also available.


Published: July 12, 2017
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