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EHELP: Can the PSD PC-programmable loop display pass HART data?

EHELP: Can the PSD PC-programmable loop display pass HART data?

Q.  Can the PSD PC-programmable loop display pass HART® data without problems through the device if placed in a loop with a HART® capable transmitter?

A. The input of the PSD connects in series to the existing 4-20mA/HART® loop as if it was just an added resistance and only reads the analog 4-20MA signal. The PSD does not interfere with the HART® digital signal being transmitted on the loop.

Since the PSD does not have a path to ground or an output that could connect to another device, ground loops or other issues like extraneous conducted noise are not a problem.

However, when these loops do connect to devices that have separate ground paths or outputs problems can certainly arise.  For these situations we recommend HART® pass-through isolators such as the HIX 2-wire output-loop powered unit or the HIT, a 4-wire mains powered isolator.

Moore Industries’ HART Isolators are a highly economical solution to common and costly problems that plague many of today’s “smart” process loops offering protection from surges, spikes, and transients up to 1500Vrms. You can safely share the HART® output of one transmitter with a secondary control or recording device allowing for redundancy without further burden or risk on a process loop. As an added bonus, you can perform equipment maintenance without loop downtime by isolating legs of the loop, making it possible to remove those instruments from the circuit without affecting other equipment. Protect and enhance your HART® investment with the 2-wire (loop powered) HIX or the 4-wire (line-mains powered) HIT.

Learn more about the HIT/HIX HART Isolator and the PSD PC-programmable Loop Display.

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Published: June 7, 2017
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