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EHELP: Do you have a temperature control solution for a process chamber?

EHELP: Do you have a temperature control solution for a process chamber?

Q. Do you have a temperature control solution for a batch process chamber we have?  We have a manufacturing process that uses a critical batch process chamber requiring an RTD that senses the temperature. When the process chamber is being used, we need to maintain temperature, so we have a secondary temperature monitor to help in case of a fail-over. To do this, I need to connect to our RTD that has dual 4-wire inputs and be able to switch from the primary to secondary if the primary is disconnected or fails. 

A. You can use a  Moore Industries’ THZ3-DIN temperature transmitter to precisely control the temperature. The THZ3-DIN can accept two 3-wire RTDs and can be configured so that its 4-20mA analog output is configured for failover/backup. If the primary RTD fails or is disconnected, the THZ3 automatically switches to the secondary RTD, it gives you a HART® alarm (and display error if TDZ3 is used), and allows you to maintain the temperature measurement in the chamber.

You can use your existing 4-wire RTDs as 3-wire elements by taping off one of the leads. You will still have lead length compensation with the 3-wire RTDs as long as the leads are similar length and have equal resistance.

The THZ3 can be configured by using a HART® hand held configurator or with PACTware running on a PC. A CDROM is provided with the PACTware installation files and DTM for the THZ3 with the shipment of the device. The THZ3 data sheet, manual, HART® DD, PACTware installation files, and the DTM are also available for download on Moore Industries site.

An easy-to-use yet robust Dual Input Smart HART® Temperature Transmitter, the THZ3 configures quickly and easily to accept a direct signal input from a wide array of sensors and analog devices including 14 RTD types and direct millivolt sources. The THZ3 has dual sensor input for Backup and Failover Protection, Average and Differential measurement and Low or High Select. It also has advanced RFI/EMI protection and ambient temperature compensation that helps guard against environmental factors that can quickly degrade measurement accuracy. Built-in 20 bit input resolution delivers exceptional digital accuracy of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F) with all Pt RTDs and is HART® 7 compliant with exception based reporting and dynamic variable mapping. There's even a High Availability Option that enables the user to select how the AO behaves when there is an input failure or out-of-range value detected by the transmitter that prevents nuisance alarms on startups.

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Published: June 20, 2017
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