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EHELP: Configure the HIM HART Interface Monitor as a HART Master

EHELP: Configure the HIM HART Interface Monitor as a HART Master

Q. I want to split out the HART variables from a smart multi-variable transmitter's 4-20mA analog output.  My preference is to have the secondary variable (SV) and tertiary variable (TV) represented as additional 4-20mA outputs so I can connect those to spare analog input channels in my DCS. Can the HIM do that?

A. Yes, it can. The HIM is a Smart HART® Loop Interface and Monitor can be configured to act as a Primary or Secondary Master and can read up to 4 of the dynamic variables of a HART transmitter and can assign them to up to three analog 4-20mA outputs with no additional process penetrations or wiring. A free simple-to-use PC program lets you program the HIM in minutes so that it interfaces with every HART-compatible monitoring and control device including: 

  • Multivariable Mass Flow Transmitters 
  • Coriolis, Magnetic, Ultrasonic and Vortex Flow Meters 
  • Dual-Sensor Temperature Transmitters 
  • pH Transmitters 
  • Pressure Transmitters 
  • Radar and Hydrostatic Level Transmitters 
  • Valve Positioners and Damper Operators 

When configured as a Primary or Secondary Master, the HIM operates in the Normal (Poll/Response) Mode.  Additionally the HIM can be configured to communicate in Burst Mode or Listen Mode; which are both passive modes where the HIM does not need to control poll the HART slave transmitters.

Installed transparently across the 4-20mA instrument loop, the HIM reads the HART digital data that is continuously being transmitted on a smart transmitter’s analog loop wires, and converts it to 4-20mA signals that can be readily accepted by a DCS or PLC. This allows you to continuously track a multivariable transmitter’s second, third, and fourth variables.  

In the future if you want to just isolate or split off a HART/4-20mA signal, then Moore Industries offers isolators, which can pass the digital HART component variable of the signal. Isolator models Moore Industries manufactures are the HIX, HIT, SSX, and SST.

Find out more about the HIM Smart Hart® Loop Interface and Monitor.

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Published: March 15, 2017
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