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Temperature Q&A With JR Madden: Explosion-Proof Temperature Measurement

Temperature Q&A With JR Madden: Explosion-Proof Temperature Measurement

One of our customers uses ethylene for its process feed and has installed a new ethylene terminal with an 18m3 storage tank. It was necessary to install  a new pipeline network to connect the terminal to production plants, other existing pipelines, and to neighboring companies using ethylene. For safety reasons, the pipeline was buried 1.5 meters deep.

To monitor temperatures across the pipeline, 16 temperature sensors needed to be installed at various points. Because the integrity of the pipeline was critical for safety reasons, there could be no welding or other intrusions into the pipe. This led to using skin sensors that meet ATEX Explosion-Proof requirements to take the temperature measurements.

A typical solution is a 6mm-diameter mineral-insulated RTD or T/C sensor with a skin path that is strapped to the underground pipe while a cable travels to the surface where the head is installed. The problem with this design is if the sensor fails, it requires expensive digging near the underground pipeline to replace. A better solution uses a pipe skin mounting block strapped onto the buried pipe, a 1/2"-diameter stainless steel pipe that reaches the surface and a transmitter directly mounted onto the pipe. This allows a sensor to be replaced without costly digging but also means that a sensor needs a sensitive tip. 

A perfect choice for this application is the WORM Flexible Sensors for Thermowell Temperature Assemblies. It provides accurate, fast readings and its flexible design with a universal length allows it to reach almost any spot. The WORM’s unique flexible design allows installation quickly and it delivers step response times 13% faster than standard sensors. The installation kit provides parts for three different installation options. The WORM can be purchased in economical 10 packs. Check out the WORM data sheet for more details.

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Published: January 19, 2017