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Burner Management System Signal Splitter Application for a Pulp and Paper Mill

Pulp and Paper Industry

Burner Management System Signal Splitter Application for a Pulp and Paper Mill

The Problem

A pulp and paper mill had a black liquor BMS (Burner Management System) that per NFPA 85 requires that its safety logic system be totally independent from other logic systems.  The challenge was they required that key temperature and pressure signals also get monitored and recorded by their BPCS (Basic Process Control System). 

The Solution

Moore Industries SSX IsolatorThe SSX Functional Safety Isolator with HART pass through capability was designed for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and safety applications.  The SSX is designed to provide full isolation between a safety system and a non-safety system.   The two-wire loop powered SSX has a passive input and is powered by the output loop side that is connected to the BPCS.  Therefore even if power is lost on the BPCS side of the loop, the safety loop functions without interruption.  According to IEC 61508 the SSX is a Type A device and per exida is suitable for SIL 3 applications.  An exida approved FMEDA report is provided for the SSX to assist the safety practitioner with the safety loop implementation.


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Published: September 28, 2016