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Video Highlights HCS Natural Gas and Oil Wellhead Applications

Video Highlights HCS Natural Gas and Oil Wellhead Applications

If you are involved in the production of natural gas and oil, you understand the challenge of providing power for monitoring and control instrumentation at site locations with limited power resources. One way to combat this is with the use of the HCS HART® Concentrator System from Moore Industries.

Watch a video showing how the HCS saves money and time by consolidating wiring and reducing power consumption at remote natural gas and oil production sites. The video is available for viewing at the Moore Industries Interface Solution Video Library and uses a real-world example from a natural gas site to show the value of the HCS in these settings.

The video shows a typical natural gas wellhead set-up, which includes tanks that store liquid and gas remnants. These tanks need to be monitored by level transmitters while temperature, flow and pressure transmitters are at other points in the process, with signals sent to a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). Power is typically supplied by solar panels and batteries. Each of these transmitters can consume up to 20mA per measuring point, creating significant power needs and often requiring the use of large and expensive solar panels and battery packs. Using the HCS allows up to 16 HART smart transmitters to be multidropped onto one twisted pair, locking each of the smart HART transmitter’s power consumption at 4mA. The HCS also solves issues relating to hazardous area wiring requirements when installed in conjunction with a HART-capable Intrinsically Safe barrier.

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Published: August 11, 2016