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«December 2018»

NCS Life Testing In Progress at Moore Industries Headquarters

NCS Life Testing In Progress at Moore Industries Headquarters

At Moore Industries’ California headquarters, two Net Concentrator systems (NCS) are undergoing two different life tests to observe long term operation and how components comprising the NCS behave under extreme conditions. Observations and results from these tests will help engineering improve designs for real world applications and double as live units to facilitate troubleshooting should end users require assistance.

Outdoor Black Box Test

This test is comprised of two separate EMM stations and was initiated in February 2012. One station recreates a popular customer configuration while the other station acts as the stimulus for the first. The enclosure housing the modules is located outside of our building, is painted black and was placed in direct sunlight to intentionally expose it to the most extreme local conditions. Temperatures in the enclosure (which can also be increased by a built in heater), have registered as high as 66°C (150°F) simulating real-world environmental conditions and allow us to monitor behavior of the system. To date, the test system has experienced no failures and is still running.

NCS Accelerated Life Test

An NCS comprised of an EIM, CPM, AIM, TIM, DIM-CC and ROM-8 was set up in an oven that was turned up to 90°C (194°F) in May 2007. The system runs a script that continuously records its inputs creating an 18,000 data point record log. Occasionally the NCS will be taken offline to replace consumables or non-NCS communication and wiring components. A test technician will periodically download the entire log for evaluation. At the time of this publication (June 28, 2016), the system is still operating. 

Published: September 19, 2017