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Moore Industries Sponsors Local Charter School’s Laps for Learning Event

Moore Industries Sponsors Local Charter School’s Laps for Learning Event

On May 12, 2016, a local North Hills charter school, Valley Charter Elementary, held its 6th Annual Laps for Learning Jog-a-thon event. As an independent charter school, Valley Charter receives less funding per pupil and must rent their facility necessitating the school to be responsible for much of it costs. The Laps for Learning event is Valley Charter’s biggest fundraiser of the year and 2016 marks Moore Industries’ third year of participating as a sponsor of the event. 

Students trained, gathered pledges and ran as many laps as they could to support their school and their energy was contagious. Tamera Hanna, Marketing Communications Specialist, and Terrie Okamura, Marketing Communications Art Designer (and the eye behind these great photos), attended this year’s event to represent Moore Industries.  It was such an energetic jump start to their morning as they headed back to the office.

While at the event, Tamera and Terrie were impressed by all of the genuine interest by school staff and parents in the fact that a long-standing manufacturing facility was in the neighborhood. After the interest at this year’s event, they’re already planning to up the ante and create a hands-on experience at Laps for Learning 2017 so parents and kids have a chance to see and touch Moore Industries products.

Published: June 3, 2016
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