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Moore Industries Spotlight: Alarms

Moore Industries Spotlight: Alarms

Alarms are key instruments in just about any industry because their capabilities and benefits affect numerous steps in a process:  Alarms can provide on/off control, warn of trouble, activate an annunciator, bell, pump, or motor and can provide emergency shutdown when a process signal falls outside of set limits. These devices have come a long way from their early days of lighting a bulb or sounding an alarm to alert a technician of an issue and are especially valuable in helping to control dangerous processes and preventing catastrophic process failures.

Moore Industries has been designing and manufacturing alarms since 1968 (read our recent blog on our presence in the process instrumentation industry: Moore Industries: A History of Innovation and Safety). Our alarms have evolved from simple high/low logic devices to highly flexible PC-programmable devices extending into IEC 61508 Functional Safety and Intrinsically-Safe (IS) methods of protection.

The Moore Industries family of Alarm Trips and Switches includes:

  • SPA2IS Programmable Limit Alarm Trips with Intrinsically-Safe Field Connections for Current and Voltage, RTD and Thermocouple Inputs
  • SPA2 Programmable Current and Voltage, RTD and Thermocouple Limit Alarm Trips
  • STA SIL 3 Capable Programmable Current and Voltage, RTD and Thermocouple Functional Safety Limit Alarm Trips
  • SRM Functional Safety Relay Module
  • And several others

To learn about Moore Industries’ alarms, visit our Limit Alarm Trips and Switches Product Information Page.

For more information on ways that alarms enhance the functionality of your process, go to Problem Solvers Application Notes. You can also read the white paper: Alarm Trips: The Ups and Downs.

Published: May 20, 2016
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