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HCS Now Includes a Re-Designed DIN Clip

HCS Now Includes a Re-Designed DIN Clip

The Moore Industries HCS HART Concentrator System has been re-designed to include a new DIN clip. This new clip builds upon our long-used DIN clip and now incorporates a spring-loaded installation feature. This includes the 2 in 1 improvement of enhanced seismic and vibration durability that our original clip offers when combined with our seismic clip offering.

The HCS converts a HART digital signal to a serial (RS-485) MODBUS RTU communication protocol. This permits up to 16 smart HART-capable transmitters and valves to interface directly with MODBUS-based monitoring and control systems.

The HCS interfaces all HART parameters to MODBUS. This includes the ability to monitor primary and non-primary (second, third and fourth) process variables from smart multivariable mass flow, pressure, PH and temperature transmitters; coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic and vortex flow meters; radar and hydrostatic level transmitters; and valve positioners and damper operators.

The HART Concentrator System also allows monitoring by a MODBUS system of HART instrument diagnostics using the Field Device Status Byte data that is available in HART's digital information.

Moore Industries is slated to release select DIN products with the re-designed clip through 2017.

For more information on the HCS, download the data sheet.

Read about our seismic clips for your currently installed HCSs.

Published: May 5, 2016
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