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EHELP: Alarm Tank Level Changes with the SPA2

EHELP: Alarm Tank Level Changes with the SPA2

Q: I want to install a 4-20mA pressure transducer that shows the tank level with an alarm to alert if it is outside the controlled level. With the same signal I want to display the level, alert of level loss, and shut down the pumps if the level reaches a critical point.

A: We have a couple of possible solutions for displaying and alarming on the 4-20mA signal. The model SPA2/HLPRG/2PRG/U [DIN] and the model 330RD000 can receive the 4-20mA signal, display it, and provide two configurable setpoint alarm relay outputs.

The SPA2 is DIN-rail mounted and is powered by either AC or DC voltage. The 330RD000 is panel mounted, fits a 1/8 DIN panel cutout, and is powered by 90-250AC voltage. Both can provide loop voltage to the pressure transmitter. If field mounting of the display/alarm is required we can house the SPA2 in a R-BOX Type 4X enclosure or you can use the SPD display.

Download the datasheets: SPA2, 330R, R-BOX, SPD

Published: March 8, 2016