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Moore Industries Helps Bring Site Disabled by Fire Online in 3 Days

Moore Industries Helps Bring Site Disabled by Fire Online in 3 Days

On a Monday morning in mid-November 2015, Robert Marousek, Moore Industries’ Sales/Application Engineer, received a call from Pete Williams with Sullivan Associates & Ritec Environmental. The previous day, two 16 year olds set fire to a shed that housed a level control panel used for a 90 foot tall 800,000 gallon water storage tank belonging to one of his customers, Dover & Foxcroft Water District. The site needed to be brought back online ASAP and Moore Industries was one of the suppliers Pete called.

After Robert checked stock levels, it appeared there were no NCS EMMs or AIMs in stock. Not willing to take no for an answer, Pete recalls Robert saying “let me have 10 minutes and I’ll call you back.”

Robert called back and said that Moore Industries could immediately provide the EMM and AIM and asked Pete to send a PO.

The parts arrived late on Tuesday via UPS RED. Dave Boissonneault of Sullivan and Associates built up a new control panel in a temporary shed stopping only to quickly verify a few time saving steps with Moore Industries’ Application Support team via phone. The site was back online by 4:00pm on Wednesday.

Pete Williams acknowledged that everything came together so well because “everyone stopped what they were doing and put our request on the top of the pile!”

Moore Industries is proud to have been able to quickly assist our rep and his customer in expediting the rebuild of the control panel.

And, in case you’re wondering, the kids that set fire to the shed were caught! 

Published: April 4, 2016
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