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EHELP: Replacing a THZ Temperature Transmitter

EHELP: Replacing a THZ Temperature Transmitter

Q: I need confirmation that the THZ2 is a functional like-for-like replacement for the THZ and that basically it will perform the same.

A: With the exception of the THZ/PRG/4-20MA/12-42DC [DH2NG], which has an integral display, the THZ2 has all of the functions of the THZ and the same form and fit.

However, we suggest you consider the newer THZ3, since the THZ2 is being phased out (although it will continue to be available while supplies last). The THZ3 has all of the functions of the THZ2 and the same form and fit. The THZ3 offers additional functionality over the THZ2, can accept two sensor inputs, and utilizes PACTware for PC configuration in addition to HART programmability. 

Other features found in the THZ3 that are not included in the THZ are:

•     Backup and Fail-Over Protection allows either of the sensors or inputs to be designated as the primary measurement, with the secondary input acting as the backup sensor in case of primary sensor failure.

•     Average and Differential Measurement allows you to average the two input measurements or select the differential (A-B or B-A) or absolute differential between the two inputs.

•     High-Select and Low-Select Feature enables the transmitter to continuously monitor two separate inputs and designate either the highest or lowest input to represent the analog output.

•     Dynamic Variable Mapping permits the user to assign either input or the calculated result of inputs to any of the four HART variables (PV, SV, TV or QV) that can be read by any HART compatible host system.

•     Smart Range Alarms offer four HART alarms set to any input or calculated input that detect when the variable is within or outside user preset limits.

•     High Availability Option enables the user to select how the AO behaves when there is an input failure or out-of-range value detected by the transmitter. This prevents nuisance alarms on startups or batch process shutdowns.

Download the THZ3 data sheet

Published: January 11, 2016