Service, Repairs and Calibration

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Get tech support, product and application answers, installation assistance, technical information and quotes fast. Use the online form at  E-HELP EXPRESS or call our Customer Service Center: 1-818-894-7111.Our application experts are ready to help!


We are an international company with sales and service capabilities throughout the world (Worldwide Sales and Service Locations). Our extensive network of knowledgeable applications engineers is well equipped to help you meet your signal interface objectives. Called our STAR Team, each person is specially trained to help you choose and expertly apply our instruments.

Our main Service Center is at our World Headquarters located just outside of Los Angeles, California:

Customer Service Center
16650 Schoenborn Street
North Hills, California 91343-6196

Tel: 1-818-894-7111
Fax: 1-818-891-2816

Our Customer Service Center is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific). When calling to inquire about a specific instrument, please have the unit's serial number available. The 6- or 7-digit serial number, in most cases, is clearly evident on the instrument's serial number label.

You may also view a listing of our other Worldwide Sales and Service locations.


If you need to return a unit to us for any reason, please complete and send the Returned Material Authorization (RMA) form. You will receive by E-mail return shipping instructions along with an RMA Number within 24 hours or by the next business day. If your need is exceptionally urgent, please telephone the Moore Industries Worldwide Interface Solution Center nearest you.

Moore Industries instruments feature a full 3-year warranty. (See standard Terms and Conditions: PDF, 10K.) If you are unsure as to the warranty status of your instrument, we can verify its status based on the unit's Serial Number. If your unit is out of warranty, please be prepared to give us a Purchase Order number when you call. In most cases, we will quote you the repair costs over the telephone. The repair price you will be quoted will be a "Not To Exceed" price, which means that the actual repair costs may be less than our quote.

Often, we are able to determine your problem over the telephone without your having to send us the instrument. However, if the unit does require repair, please use the following steps to return it to us:

  1. Use the Returned Material Authorization (RMA) form, or call our main STAR Team Customer Service Center (North and Latin America) or the international office nearest you to request a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number. We use this number to identify your instrument upon arrival to us, and track its return to you.
  2. Provide us with the following documentation:
    1. A note listing the symptoms that indicate the unit needs repair.
    2. Complete billing information (non-warranty repairs).
    3. Complete shipping information for return of the equipment after repair.
    4. The name and phone number of the person to contact if we have questions.

  3. Use sufficient packing material and carefully pack the equipment in a sturdy shipping container.

  4. Ship the instrument to our Customer Service Center (North and Latin America) or our international office nearest you. If the unit is a warranty repair, we will pay the cost of shipping the unit back to your location. If it is a non-warranty repair, please be prepared to pay shipping costs back to your location.



We offer precise factory calibration for a nominal charge. Our calibration service includes configuring the unit to match your operating specifications, and calibrating the unit with the zero and span values using our precision test equipment. We deliver your unit ready-to-install with a traceable calibration report for your files. Give us a call or e-mail us for a quotation.

Factory Calibration Delivers Precision Accuracy, Saves Set Up Time
For temperature measurement applications where exceptional accuracy is demanded, we recommend our Sensor-to-Transmitter Trimming factory calibration. Performed in our state-of-the-art "Calibration Suite", we immerse the system's sensor in a precision calibration bath. Then, the sensor's true readings are "captured" by our transmitter. This method effectively compensates for errors caused by inherent sensor inaccuracies. The system is delivered configured and calibrated, and ready for installation.