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Legacy Products

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RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU List of Compliant Products

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AB Angle Mounting Bracket Housing
ACT AC Current Transmitter (4-Wire)
ADB Analog Divider Module (4-Wire)
ADD AC Programmable Digital Panel Meter (4-Wire)
ADM Amplitude Discriminator Module (4-Wire)
ADM-PC Amplitude Discriminator Module (4-Wire)
AFX Analog Field Indicator (2-Wire)
ALM Analog Linearizing Module (4-Wire)
ALX Alarm Trip (2-Wire)
ARB Adjustable Ramp Buffer (4-Wire)
ASM Adder Subtractor Module (4-Wire)
AXB Analog Multiplier Module (4-Wire)
BGI Bar Graph Indicator (4-Wire)
BTX BTU Transmitter (2-Wire)
CAM Computer-to-Analog Module (4-Wire)
CLC Current Loop Calibrator
Command Reference Guide CAM, DCM and SCM Configuration and Operation Guide
DAI Direct Analog Interface (4-Wire)
DCA Direct Current Alarm (4-Wire)
DCA-ED Direct Current Alarm Eurocard-Style with Display (4-Wire)
DCA-EU Direct Current Alarm Eurocard (4-Wire)
DCD Direct Current Display (4-Wire)
DDA Current and Voltage Alarm (4-Wire)
DDD DC Programmable Digital Panel Meter (4-Wire)
DDI Direct Digital Interface (4-Wire)
DDS I/O EXPRESS Distributed Data System (4-Wire)
DIN Aluminum DIN-Style Housing Dimensions
DIX Low Cost, Field-Mount, Digital Indicator (2-Wire)
DLM Digital Linearizing Module (4-Wire)
DPD Programmable Direct Current Display (4-Wire)
DPDT Double-Pole Double-Throw Option
DPS525 525mA Instrument Power Supply (4-Wire)
DRM-DTM Data Recorder Module-Data Transfer Module
DRT Differential Resistance Transmitter (4-Wire)
DSM Digital Scaling Module (4-Wire)
DSX Digital Indicator (2-Wire)
DVX Current-to-Digital Display Indicator (2-Wire)
EC-DCA Economy Direct Current Alarm (4-Wire)
EC-DCA/PC Economy Direct Current Alarm (4-Wire)
EC-SCT Economy Signal Converter (4-Wire)
ECA-ECD Current and Voltage Alarm (4-Wire)
ECT-ECD Signal Isolators in Thermoplastic DIN-style Housings (2-Wire, 4-Wire)
EP-FDX Extended Performance Frequency-to-DC (2-Wire)
EP-RBX Extended Performance Resistance Bulb Transmitter (2-Wire)
EP-TCX Extended Performance Thermocouple Transmitter (2-Wire)
EPRX/RLX Low Cost, Linearizing RTD Transmitter (2-Wire)
EPX2 Explosion-Proof Voltage-to-Pressure Transmitter
EX Explosion-Proof Enclosure for 4-Wire Instruments
EXPL Explosion-Proof Enclosure for 2-Wire Instruments
FCA Field-Configurable Current or Voltage Alarm (4-Wire)
FCT[UB] Signal Converter/Isolator (4-Wire)
FDT Frequency-to-DC Transmitter (4-Wire)
FDX Frequency-to-DC Transmitter (2-Wire)
FFX Frequency-to-Frequency Transmitter (2-Wire)
FL HP Flange and Hockey-Puck Housings for 2-Wire Transmitters
FSM Frequency Scaling Module (4-Wire)
GP General Purpose Enclosure Dimensions
HFA HART Fault Alarm (4-Wire)
HPD Hockey-Puck Dual Housing Dimensions
IPH Field-Mount NEMA 4X Current-to-Pressure Transmitter (2-Wire)
IPT DIN-Style Current-to-Pressure Transmitter (2-Wire)
IPX Field-Mount Explosion-Proof Current-to-Pressure Transmitter (2-Wire)
IRM/ORM Input Relay Module/Output Relay Module
IST DIN-Style Signal Isolator/Converter/Splitter (4-Wire)
ITX Integrating Totalizer (2-Wire)
LCM Link Converter Module
LFM Link to Fiber Module
LIT Linear Integrating Totalizer (4-Wire)
MDA Millivolt Alarm (4-Wire)
MMM Meter Module
MSS Median Signal Selector (4-Wire)
MVA Millivolt Alarm (4-Wire)
MVA-ED Millivolt Alarm Euro-Style with Display (4-Wire)
MVA-PC Millivolt Alarm (4-Wire)
MVM Millivolt Meter Module
MVT Millivolt Transmitter (4-Wire)
MVT-EU Millivolt Transmitter Eurocard (4-Wire)
MVX Millivolt Transmitter (2-Wire)
OT and WT NEMA 4 and 12 Enclosures for Standard Transmitters
PAM Pulse Accumulating Module (4-Wire)
PC Plug-In Transmitter Dimensions
PCV Watt/Watt-hour, Var/Var-hour Transducer (4-Wire)
PDC DC Voltage Transducer (4-Wire)
PDR Pulse Duration Receiver (4-Wire)
PDT Pulse Duration Transmitter (4-Wire)
PM Panel-Mount Housing Dimensions
PMR Power Module, Rack-Mounted (4-Wire)
PPA Phase Angle Transducer (4-Wire)
PPF Power Factor Transducer (2-Wire)
PPI/PSI Pneumatic Integrator
PPM Site-Programmable AC Power Monitor and Display
PPS/PPX/SPS Process Power Supplies
PSA-DIN Pressure Alarm
PSA-HP Pressure Alarm
PSM Pulse Summing Module (4-Wire)
PTT Potentiometer Transmitter (4-Wire)
PTX Potentiometer Transmitter (2-Wire)
PVH Var/Var-hour Transducer (4-Wire)
PWH AC Power (Watt/Watt-Hour) Transducer (4-Wire)
QPS Quad Power Supply (4-Wire)
RBA-ED Resistance Bulb Alarm, Euro-Style with Display (4-Wire)
RBA-PC Resistance Bulb Alarm (4-Wire)
RBA-STD Resistance Bulb Alarm (4-Wire)
RBT RTD Transmitter (4-Wire)
RBT-EU Resistance Bulb Transmitter Eurocard (4-Wire)
RBX RTD Transmitter (2-Wire)
RCM Repeat/Converter Module
RDA Resistance Bulb Alarm DIN-Style (4-Wire)
RDD RTD Digital Panel Meter (4-Wire)
RE External Relay Option
RIX Isolated RTD Transmitter (2-Wire)
RLM Redundant Link Module (4-Wire)
RMR Eleven-Position Rack-Mounted Card Rack
RRM Rack Relay Module (4-Wire)
SCM Sensor-to-Computer Module (4-Wire)
SCT-EU Signal Converter Eurocard (4-Wire)
SCT/DSCT Signal Converter/Dual Signal Converter (4-Wire)
SGT-XSGT Strain Gage Transmitter (4-Wire)
SHM (Analog) Sample Holding (Analog) Module (4-Wire)
SHM (Digital) Sample Holding (Digital) Module (4-Wire)
SIT Square Root Integrating Totalizer (4-Wire)
SLM Signal Limiting Module (4-Wire)
SMR Surface-Mounted Card Rack Dimensions
SPA-HART Site-Programmable HART Alarm (4-Wire)
SRT-PC Square Root Transmitter (4-Wire)
SRT-STD Square Root Transmitter (4-Wire)
SRX Square Root Transmitter (2-Wire)
SSM Supply Switching Module
STD Standard Unit Option Terminal Designations
STM-PC Sample Timing Module (4-Wire)
STM-STD Sample Timing Module (4-Wire)
SVX Solenoid Valve (2-Wire)
TCA Thermocouple Alarm (4-Wire)
TCA-ED Thermocouple Alarm Euro-style with Display (4-Wire)
TCE NEMA 1, 2, 4, 12 Transparent Cover Enclosure
TCT Thermocouple Transmitter Eurocard (4-Wire)
TCT-EU Thermocouple Transmitter Eurocard (4-Wire)
TCX Thermocouple Transmitter
TDA Thermocouple DIN Alarm (4-Wire)
TDD Thermocouple Programmable Digital Panel Meter (4-Wire)
TFZ Programmable FOUNDATION Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter (2-Wire)
THZ and TDZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitters (2-Wire)
THZ DH & WL Smart HART and WirelessHART Temperature Transmitter (2-Wire)
THZ2 and TDZ2 Smart HART Temperature and Signal Transmitters With and Without Display (2-Wire)
TID Temperature Input Display (4-Wire)
TIX Isolated Linear Thermocouple Transmitter (2-Wire)
TNX/TLX Low-Cost Thermocouple Transmitters (2-Wire)
TPD Programmable Temperature Input Display (4-Wire)
TRUNKGUARD FPS200 MooreHawke TRUNKGUARD Fieldbus Power Conditioner
TRZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter (2-Wire)
UB Standard U-Back Housing Dimensions
UB234 Standard Bracket for UB2, UB3, UB4 Housing
USB USB Communication Cable for Moore Industries' PC-Programmable Instruments
WLM Wireless Link Module
WP/WPM Field-Mounted Pneumatic Transmitters Enclosures