Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Now more than ever water—supply, treatment, recycling—are pressing problems in many locales. Whether for local supply

or larger scale needs, you have to ensure that you can meet the demands of your customers and utilities. Compromising on

quality or ability of plant instrumentation is not something you can afford to do nor is it something you have to do when you

use Moore Industries products. The products below have proven themselves to be integral components in the water and

wastewater industries.

535 Profile Controller for Backwashing of Filters   Key Product: 535 
555 Chemical Feed Pump Control   Key Product: 555 
Redundant Metering Pumps with Splitter   Key Product: ECT-DIN 
SPA2IS Controls and Monitors Wet Wells   Key Product: SPA2IS 

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532 1/4 DIN Auto/Manual Backup Station - Ensures the integrity of your critical control loops while isolated inputs and outputs guard against electrical interference.
555 1/4 DIN Chlorination/Dechlorination Controller - Automatically and acurately controls the chlorination levels in potable and wastewater quickly integrating with your flow transmitters and residual analyzers.
535 1/4 DIN Process Controller - A single loop process controller that controls any analog process variable in batch and continuous processes.
NCS NET Concentrator System - A workhorse in demanding industrial applications, the NCS provides a real-time signal gateway between field or factory floor and your control strategy.
WNM Wireless Network Module - A bi-directional, spread spectrum radio, useable with Ethernet and Serial interfaces, that wirelessly transmits data when wires cannot be run for practical or economic reasons.
miniMOORE MIT/MIX Multi-Channel Isolators and Converters - These signal isolators, converters, boosters and splitters combine multiple analog signal channels in a signal conditioner to deliver solutions for an expansive range of signal interface applications.
Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters - Products in this family convert, isolate, split, boost and step down process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems.