Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper

Keeping your pulp and paper processes running reliably and output optimal ensures you will meet customer demand and

delivery deadlines. To ensure your plant’s reliable operation, you must employ high-integrity equipment. Moore Industries

provides the products that will ensure maximum uptime.


Bearing and Winding Temperature in Paper Mill Key Product: NCS
H2S and CL2 Protection with the STA Logic Solver Key Product: STA 
IPT2 Precise Control of Pulp Stock Valves Key Product: IPT2

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Moore Industries' Digital and Wireless Technology Reduces Legwork at Pulp and Paper Site Key Product: HCS

535 1/4 DIN Process Controller - A single loop process controller that controls any analog process variable in batch and continuous processes.
IPT2 Current-to-Pressure Transmitter - Converts a current signal to a pneumatic signal so a DCS, PLC or PC can control a pneumatic actuator, valve or damper drive.
Limit Alarm Trips and Switches - Provide on/off control, warn of trouble or provide emergency shutdown by sending one or more alarm (relay) outputs when a monitored process signal falls outside of a selected high and/or low limit.
IPX2 Type 4X & Explosion-Proof Current-to-Pressure Transmitter - This transmitter, which can be housed in explosion-proof environments, accepts a 4-20mA signal and converts it to allow control of pneumatic devices.
NCS NET Concentrator System - A workhorse in demanding industrial applications, the NCS provides a real-time signal gateway between field or factory floor and your control strategy.
MDS Multifunction Distributed I/O System - Combines configurable, multichannel I/O with programmable math functions to perform signal conditioning, sensor level I/O and complex distributed intelligence.
Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies - These products allow you to take weak, low-level RTD or thermocouple temperature signals and convert them to a high-level analog signal more appropriate for long distance transmission through a loud plant and ready for direct interface with your equipment.