Power Generation and Transmission

Power Generation and Transmission

Whether you are generating power or distributing it to the utility grid, one thing holds true: You cannot afford costly

downtime and unscheduled outages. These can incur hefty daily fees, damage your reputation and leave your customers

stranded. High availability is a must to maintain your competitive edge and ability to deliver.

To ensure your power plants remain available, you must employ high-integrity equipment. Moore Industries provides

especially reliable solutions for the power generation and transmission sector.

Power Plant Line Card

CPT Monitors Switch Contact Position at Power Plant Key Product: CPT
NCS Reads Boiler Temperatures at Power Plant Key Product: NCS
Plant Rebuilds with NCS NET Concentrator System Key Product: NCS
Nuclear Plant Concentrates 18 HART Transmitters Key Product: HCS

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Papers and Articles
    SIY PC-Programmable Signal Isolator/Converter - Isolates, converts, diverts and boosts signals as a hybrid instrument combining smart digital tech with advanced analog operations.
    CPT PC-Programmable Temperature Transmitter and Signal Isolator/Converter - Provides an isolated and linear output that directly interfaces with readout instruments, recorders, PLCs, DCSs or PC-based SCADA systems.
    NCS NET Concentrator System - A workhorse in demanding industrial applications, the NCS provides a real-time signal gateway between field or factory floor and your control strategy.
    HCS HART Concentrator System - Converts a HART digital signal to a serial (RS-485 or RS-232) MODBUS RTU communications protocol allowing HART transmitters and valves to interface directly with MODBUS-based monitoring and control systems.
    Functional Safety (FS) Products - The FS series of products is designed and built in compliance with IEC 61508, the leading worldwide Functional Safety standard. Whether you are adding a single safety loop to protect your investment or people or need to augment a larger Safety Instrumented System (SIS), these instruments address your needs.
    EMPHASIS Assessment Tool Applied to Moore Industries Smart Instruments - In working with the Control and Instrumentation Nuclear Industries Forum (CINIF) in the United Kingdom, Moore Industries not only helped develop the original EMPHASIS assessment tool for 'Smart' Instruments, but also achieved SIL 2 compliance on its STA trip alarm. Since 2005 EDF Energy has assessed and qualified several Moore Industries Smart devices using EMPHASIS.