Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

In an industry where even a difference of a few degrees can ruin a batch and waste thousands of dollars, the pharmaceutical

and biotechnology industries demand accurate, dependable and instantaneous results. This is something Moore Industries

understands and designs toward. Using products such as the ones below will keep your processes safeguarded and efficient.


Freeze Dryer Temperature Monitoring Key Product: SPT 
High Density and Accurate I/P Solutions for Control Valves Key Product: IPT2 
Monitoring Critical Temperatures in Pharma Batches Key Product: THZ3

Hi-Tech Temperature Monitoring Solutions for High-Tech Facilities and Processes - These high performance solutions measure temperature and humidity in air handling systems, chillers, ducts to clean rooms, wall-mounts to clean rooms, and HVAC and can be ordered with optional high accuracy factory calibration or standard factory calibration.
Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies - These products allow you to take weak, low-level RTD or thermocouple temperature signals and convert them to a high-level analog signal more appropriate for long distance transmission through a loud plant and ready for direct interface with your equipment.
HTZ Smart HART Humidity and Temperature Transmitter - This temperature and humidity transmitter built specifically for industrial, commercial, manufacturing and HVAC applications measures both values simultaneously and also provides a dew point measurement as a calculated variable.
535 1/4 DIN Process Controller - A single loop process controller that controls any analog process variable in batch and continuous processes.
SPT Site-Programmable Temperature Transmitter - An advanced and compact signal conditioner that accepts a broad range of inputs and provides an isolated, process ready output.
Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters - Products in this family convert, isolate, split, boost and step down process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems.