Oil & Gas: Upstream/Extraction

Oil & Gas: Upstream/Extraction

At oil and gas extraction sites, having personnel and equipment waiting around while you repair a breakdown wastes time

and money not to mention delays your outbound shipments. Moore Industries products help you avoid these problems when

employing products such as the ones below for the Upstream/Extraction portion of Oil and Gas.


NCS Used for Remote Shutdown at Offshore Oil Rig Key Product: NCS
ROUTE-MASTER Used at Serbian Natural Gas Wells Key Product: ROUTE-MASTER 
Natural Gas Well Head Applications 

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Remote Emergency Shutdown Device Improves Safety and Performance at Oil Production Platform Key Product: NCS

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    HCS HART Concentrator System - Converts a HART digital signal to a serial (RS-485 or RS-232) MODBUS RTU communications protocol allowing HART transmitters and valves to interface directly with MODBUS-based monitoring and control systems.
    IPX2-NG Field-Mount Explosion-Proof Current-to-Pressure Transmitter - Accepts a 4-20mA input signal and converts it to allow control of pneumatic devices. It accepts natural (sweet) gas as its pneumatic supply.
    NCS NET Concentrator System - A workhorse in demanding industrial applications, the NCS provides a real-time signal gateway between field or factory floor and your control strategy.
    Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies - These products allow you to take weak, low-level RTD or thermocouple temperature signals and convert them to a high-level analog signal more appropriate for long distance transmission through a loud plant and ready for direct interface with your equipment.
    CPMS Cathodic Protection Monitoring System - Ensures that corrosion protection is in place and operating properly, preventing deterioration that can lead to leaks - or worse.
    ROUTE-MASTER RM100 Fieldbus System - For intrinsically-safe FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA systems, the RM100 uses a patented split architecture design to deliver the highest segment current to hazardous areas and can power up to 16 fieldbus devices.
    WORM, RTI-3, RTI-4 - Taking temperature measurements at upstream or extraction points can pose various mounting and installation challenges. The WORM is the industry’s most versatile, rugged and flexible temperature sensor that tackles the most demanding field temperature applications.
    Functional Safety (FS) Products - The FS series of products is designed and built in compliance with IEC 61508, the leading worldwide Functional Safety standard. Whether you are adding a single safety loop to protect your investment or people or need to augment a larger Safety Instrumented System (SIS), these instruments address your needs.