Mining and Metal Refining

Mining and Metal Refining

With the time it takes to map, prep personnel and equipment and perform extraction in the mining industry, the last thing you

want is downtime or delays due to breakdowns in refinery processes or equipment. Personnel and production time is better

spent on processing the materials you have extracted, not on repairs. Installing Moore Industries' process industry equipment, such as the

instruments below which have demonstrated rugged reliability in the mining and metal refining sector, will help keep your

schedule on track.

Alumina Refinery: Overpressure Protection of a Filter Vessel Key Product: STA
microNCS and WNM Provide Arctic Communications Key Product: MNCS and WNM
Minimize Mine Downtime with Advanced TG200 Fieldbus Device Coupler Key Product: TG200
Remote Vibration Monitoring at Alumina Refinery Key Product: NCS and MNCS
The WORM for Skin-Tight Measurements Key Product: WORM
WORM Thermowells for Ore Roasters Key Product: WORM 

Case Studies
Custom WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor Solution Key Product: WORM 
IPH2 Custom Output Ranges Help Copper Smelter Replace Instrumentation Key Product: IPH2

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