When you need to interface field processes with computer-based systems, readout equipment and other instrumentation... our signal conditioners, temperature sensors & transmitters, distributed I/Ofieldbus products, service and experience help you do it efficiently, cost-effectively, and more safely than ever with our new family of Functional Safety/IEC 61508 products.
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Introducing the Associated Intrinsic Safety option for the THZ3 DIN model Temperature Transmitter

Our Associated Intrinsic-Safety product line just keeps getting better: Introducing the NEW Associated IS option for the THZ3 DIN-Rail model dual-input temperature transmitter.  Now added to all the amazing features of the THZ3 is the ability to connect sensors located in Class I Div 1/Zone 0/1 hazardous areas directly to the THZ3-DIN when the -AIS option is included.  This new option features a built-in intrinsically safe field connection that provides the necessary protection typically afforded by an intrinsically-safe barrier in plants or facilities where the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety.  Learn More

Introducing the SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display

The SIL3 capable SLD features a large integral display that shows real-time process status in mA, percent, or any designated 5-character Engineering units (EGU). The latest addition to the Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series products, it is certified by exida® as a SIL3 capable, non-interfering device for use in a safety loop. The SLD is the perfect solution to accurately and reliably display process status in a safety loop, and features the Loop Maintenance Diode Option which allows it to be removed from the safety loop without affecting the integrity of the safety function.  Find out more here.

MooreHawke, the company formed from a recent acquisition by Moore Industries of Hawke International's fieldbus products, provides FOUNDATION fieldbus ™/PROFIBUS PA Fieldbus Device Couplers and fieldbus power supplies that deliver industry-first advantages. This includes TRUNKGUARD®, the first fieldbus Device Coupler that provides fully automatic segment termination. This patented technology prevents fieldbus segment failure from under- or over-termination. Also featured are the patented ROUTE-MASTER™ I.S. Fieldbus Power Supplies. ROUTE-MASTER enables 350mA power per segment in intrinsically safe applications, which permits up to 16 fieldbus devices at 500 meters (1,500 feet) even in hydrogen-risk areas. Find out more about our fieldbus Device Couplers and fieldbus power supplies.

Moore Industries offers signal conditioners, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and fieldbus products to fit a wide range of process control applications. Site-programmable, PC-programmable, and HART-programmable models of temperature transmitters with temperature sensors are available with one of the industry's most complete offerings of worldwide agency safety approvals. Isolated and RFI/EMI-protected, our temperature transmitters with temperature sensors can be easily programmed and installed on a DIN-rail, surface, relay track, pipe or in the field. We also offer complete temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and fieldbus assemblies. One simple model number is all it takes to order ready-to-install temperature transmitters with temperature sensors assembly. Find out more about our temperature sensors and fieldbus products.

Our signal conditioners are available in 2-wire (loop-powered) and 4-wire (line-powered) versions. These signal conditioners provide up to up to 1500Vrms signal isolation and RFI/EMI protection. Our signal conditioners can be quickly programmed using on-board controls or a PC, for a broad range of input and output configurations. Signal conditioners isolate signals to stop erratic measurements caused by ground loops. Use our signal conditioners to interface field instruments with the control room, or to split one signal to allow one primary measurement to be sent to two separate systems. To find out more about signal conditioners, visit our product pages.

Get product and application answers, installation assistance, technical information and quotes on distributed I/O, remote I/O, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, signal conditioners, fieldbus products, process controllers and more at E-HELP EXPRESS. Our experts with temperature sensors and fieldbus do the work for you!