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SNAP Special Needs and Products

Have Special Needs? You Need SNAP.

The chances are we can meet your signal interface needs with one of our standard products.

But if we can't, Moore Industries Special Needs And Products may be your answer when you need a signal interface instrument that's a bit different, a lot different or something you just can't get anymore. If we can modify a Moore Industries instrument or enclosure to meet your requirements at a price that's right for you, we will.

SNAP Frequently Requested Modifications

Special Instrument Functions
  • Non-Standard Signal Inputs and Outputs
  • Non-Standard Power Ranges
  • Custom Signal Conversion
  • Computing and Math
  • Reverse Input/Output Actions
  • Input Linearization and Scaling
  • Alarm Trip Modifications
  • Low Power Instruments
  • Fast Signal Response Times
  • Signal Comparison, Averaging and Differential

Special and OEM Instrument Housings and Enclosures
  • Aluminum, DIN-Style Housings
  • Aluminum, Field-Mount Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel, Field-Mount Enclosures
  • Field-Mount, NEMA 4X (IP66) Enclosures
  • Multi-Unit Enclosures

Special and Custom Mounts and Connectors
  • Brackets to Fit Footprints of Existing Instruments
  • Custom Surface and Panel-Mount Brackets
  • Time-Saving Wire Connectors and Buses

Special and Custom Temperature Sensors and Thermowells
  • Flexible and Straight Temperature Sensors
  • Custom Thermowells and Assemblies
  • Surface-Mount Brackets and Assemblies
  • Pipe-Mount Assemblies
  • Air Duct-Mount Averaging Assemblies
  • Tank-Mount Assemblies