Well Head Solutions

Automation and Instrument Solutions for Oil and Natural Gas Well Head Applications Click here to view the application overview! (3.13M)




The Challenge:

A major challenge facing the oil and natural gas extraction industries, and in particular the Coal Bed Methane (CBM) gas extraction industry, is that sites are often located in extremely remote and dispersed areas.

At each well head, there is a need for continuous monitoring and control of oil and natural gas processes, as well as various other types of liquids and gases.

In a typical application, data must be moved from remote well head locations via 4-20mA or 1-5Vdc signals to a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The RTU then sends the data to a DCS, SCADA or similar centrally-located computer-based system by radio transmission.

All of the remote monitoring and control equipment must be powered with 12 or 24Vdc batteries. The problem is finding dependable instrumentation that can operate reliably under battery power in harsh environmental conditions

Low Power Solutions:

Moore Industries offers a wide array of practical automation and instrument solutions designed specifically for oil and natural gas well head applications. This includes low power solutions for:
  • Monitoring temperature, pressure and flow conditions
    at oil and natural gas well sites.
  • Gas extraction, processing, storage and transport.
  • Tank and pipeline cathodic protection.