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Explosion-Proof WirelessHART 

Temperature Transmitter Solutions

Do you need to transmit critical temperature and HART diagnostic information in a hazardous location where running wires is too expensive? Moore Industries has the solution with our Smart HART® temperature transmitters combined with the industry’s only Explosion-Proof WirelessHART Adapter: The BULLET.

It can be difficult to get accurate temperature measurements in remote locations where wiring for power and signal connections are limited. Even in wired locations, adding loops is costly and time-consuming.

The BULLET is the only Explosion-Proof WirelessHART adapter available – all other adapters are only approved for use in Intrinsically-Safe environments. This means that if you want to transmit WirelessHART temperature data in a Class 1, Div 1 hazardous area that requires Explosion-Proof housings, the BULLET is your only choice. The BULLET can be used with the Explosion-Proof THZ2 and TDZ2 Smart HART Temperature Transmitters to send critical temperature and HART diagnostic information to a WirelessHART gateway in situations where running wire is cost prohibitive.

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THZ2 and TDZ2