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Alarm Trips

Layers of Protection with Moore Industries Alarm Trips

Our programmable Alarm Trips help add layers of protection to your facility. Each one is a 4-Wire, Site- and PC-Programmable Current and Voltage; RTD and Thermocouple Limit Alarm Trip. They provide on/off control, warn of unwanted process conditions, alarm on rate-of-change and provide or assist with emergency shutdowns. Very versatile, they accept a signal input from transmitters, temperature sensors and a wide array of input signals from both hazardous and non-hazardous locations:

• Current and Voltage Signals  •  23 RTD Types  •  9 Thermocouple Types
•  Resistance and Potentiometer Devices  •  Direct Millivolt Sources

SPA2IS Programmable Alarm Trip with Intrinsically-Safe Field Connections


The SPA2IS programmable alarm trip with built-in intrinsically-safe (IS) field connections is the newest addition to our reliable family of alarm trips including the SPA2 Programmable Alarm Trip, and the STA Functional Safety Logic Solver. With the new SPA2IS, separate and costly intrinsically-safe barriers are no longer required when connecting inputs from the most hazardous areas. Fewer components translates to reduced wiring, space and maintenance costs while eliminating the burden of heat dissipation or cooling considerations often required with intrinsic safety barrier marshalling cabinets.
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STA Functional Safety SIL 3 Logic Solver


Part of the Moore Industries FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES, the exida® approved SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable STA Safety Alarm Trip performs as a logic solver and acts on potentially hazardous process conditions; warns of unwanted process conditions; provides emergency shutdown; or provides on/off control in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and traditional alarm trip applications.
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SPA2 Programmable Alarm Trip


Our universal programmable alarm trip, the SPA2 provides the protection you need for many processes with extensive programming flexibility.
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